European Vision of Water
Declaration of Castellon

European Water Paternship

The European Water Partnership (EWP) is an organization without spirit of independent profit of political directions, formed in 2006 by 16 European organizations.

Its work consists of coordinating initiatives and activities in the international scope presenting/displaying the European vision in the matter of water as well as to promote and to spread to projects and experiences made in Europe. Its work extends to the deprived sector, public administrations, technological ONG and institutes.

Besides to create a Work group on Water and Energy, coordinating European they are ordered to present/display the perspective of all the countries of the UE in the matter of water in 5º World-wide Forum of the Water that will be celebrated in Istambul in March of 2009.

EWP chose the Valencian Community to reunite to the countries of the Mediterranean river basin with the objective to establish a debate about the hydric necessities of these countries and to reach a conclusion that will take shelter in that "Declaration of Castellón" will be denominated and that will serve as base for the elaboration of the document that EWP presents/displays in the World-wide Forum of the Water in Istambul about the European perspective of the water.

The countries that are member of this "Mediterranean" group are: Portugal, Italy, San Marino, the Vatican, Malta, Slovenia, Andorra, the Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus, of which all are members of the network Wateregio of which the Valencian Community is participant and in addition: Malta, Slovenia, Andorra, Montenegro, Albania and Cyprus.

The V World-Wide Water Forum will take place in March of 2009 in Istambul.

During last the 12 years, the World-wide Forum of the Water has become the greater event in the matter having allowed the interaction between the implied agents, between whom political representatives include themselves, private companies and nongovernmental organizations to find solutions that allow the sustainable use of the water under the motto "Bridging you divide for Water" (Tending bridges by the water).