Covenant of Mayors
To improve the energetic efficiency and to reduce the gas emission

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The Covenant of Mayors is an ambitious initiative of the European Commission (Headquarter of Energy) that brings together the commitment of the mayors of the European cities in a permanent network of exchange and application of good practices in these cities, to improve the energetic efficiency in the urban environment. The Agreement of the Mayors is the response of the cities against the global warming: the formal commitment to reduce his emission issues of CO2 beyond the aim fixed by the European Union, of 20 %.

To this European initiative there have gone away adhiriendo other cities of 36 countries of the whole world. The Mayor of Castellon signed the Covenant of Mayors on January 23, 2009, and at present they are already more than 300 the Spanish municipalities that have signed the Covenant.

The Covenant of Mayors consists of the commitment on the part of the cities to go beyond the aims of the energetic policy of the European Union on reduction of the emission issues of CO2 by means of the cleanest improvement of the energetic efficiency and the production and use of energy. The Covenant of Mayors has his origin in the Conference VII Annual ManagEnergy, which took place on January 29, 2008 as part of the Week II of the Sustainable Energy of the European Union. A project of text was prepared after consultations be carrying out by many cities and thematic networks of cities, and appeared in the frame of this event. There began later the phase of application of the Covenant, and with this intention, the European Commission opened a wide process of consultation and information across his web sites, included ManagEnergy. A Forum was added then on the Covenant of Mayors to allow to the actors of the energy to formulate his observations on the Covenant.

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