Castellon and Project UNIC – Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics

Proyecto UNIC
Web del Proyecto UNIC - Urban Network for Innovation in Ceramics

The City of Castellón is going to comprise of the thematic network European UNIC (2008-2011), that comes del Program URBACT II, a program of territorial cooperation. Project UNIC tratat of the preservation of the economic activity and creation of use, to attract new activities and to cause that the cities are more competitive, to optimize the tandem legacy-innovation, and "re-to invent" the image of the cities.

Castellón will participate in this experience next to other eight European cities: Limoges (France), Aveiro (Portugal), Pécs (Hungary), Delft (the Netherlands), Stoke-on-Trent (United Kingdom), Faenza (Italy), Cluj Napoca (Rumanía), and Global Seville.

In each city a group of local pursuit of the thematic network will settle down itself, the one of Castellón will be formed by representatives of the City council of Castellón, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, the Institute of Tecnologia Ceramica (UJI), the Institute Interuniversitario de Local Desarrollo (UJI), ASCER (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Tiles and Ceramic Pavements), ATC (Spanish Association of Ceramic Technicians), the Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló (Cultural Castelló), the Institute of Ceramic Promotion (Provincial Delegation), ASEBEC (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machinery and Goods of Equipment for the Ceramic Industry), ANFFECC (Association National of Manufacturers of Fried and Ceramic Colors), and INCREA (the Chair of Innovation, Creativity and Learning of the UJI).

The project is cofinanced by the European Union through the FEDER, European Bottom of Regional Development.

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    To improve the energetic efficiency and to reduce the gas emission
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